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As a result of years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction while Working for small. National and international companies with offices in the Miami area, is That the roots and birth of All World Logistics came about in June of 2002.

Miami, referred to as the Gateway to Latin America has provided the opportunity to Acquire first hand the development and growth of the forwarding and brokerage industry. Having been a part of this development since the late 70's our team has gained and shared their experience with multi-level companies and professional in the field.

Our commitment to service and customer satisfaction is our goal in every shipment we handle. Our network of agents shares in this commitment as well, and are instrumental in helping achieve your satisfaction. Personalized dedicated services is the only service we provide with one-on-one contact to foster mutual business growth and prosperity.


All World Logistics, Inc. Address: P.O. Box 521593, Miami, FL 33152-1593
Tel:(305) 817-9004 Fax:(305) 817-9005 Email:info@allworldlogistics.net